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Commercial site cleaning is the largest sector of our business which involves supermarkets and other trading sites

We have been in supermarket cleaning business over 5 years and we have one of the most experience general and adhoc cleaning staff.

We clean of sites of largest retail chains in Australia and our company handles the cleaning services of busiest supermarkets in Brisbane CBD and inner suburbs.

Our company undertake both principal and substitute contracts for supermarkets and trading sites.

Our service include sweeping, scrubbing, buffing, detailing work around edges, glass work, cleaning underneath gondolas, thorough cleaning deli/bakery, cleaning back docks, staff rooms and toilets. Also, we provide any other special cleaning required on the particular site.

At the end of every cleaning session, we make sure every single job and detailing is done and trading floor is presentable and inviting to your customers.

According to the agreement, we can provide equipment, chemical and labour or only labour.

Contract amounts for Supermarket or Trading sites are negotiable. We can visit your store today and give you a free quote after considering all your cleaning requirements
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